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How To Choose Best Refrigerator

How To Choose Best Refrigerator

Decide What Style Refrigerator You Want

  • Choose a top-freezer refrigerator if you want a basic, economical choice. These traditionally styled refrigerators tend to have fewer features, but they’re usually cheaper than other options. They also have wide shelves, but most adults will have to bend down to reach the refrigerator section.
  • Pick a bottom-freezer refrigerator if you want your refrigerator shelves to be easier to see and reach. Most adults will have to bend over to reach the freezer section, but that part of the unit tends to be used less often. Bottom-freezer refrigerators may have either a single door or 2 side-by-side French doors for the refrigerator compartment. The French door style refrigerators tend to be more expensive.
  • Select a side-by-side refrigerator if you have a narrow space in your kitchen because this style offers more narrow options when compared to others. Some models, though, have shelves that are too narrow to hold a wide container (such as a pizza box).
  • Choose a built-in refrigerator if you want a sleek look. These come in a variety of door configurations, and doors can hold panels that match your cabinetry. However, they tend to be small and are more expensive than other options. Cabinet-depth refrigerators are a less-expensive alternative to built-in models, but they stick out a few inches farther and are still smaller than freestanding refrigerators.
  • Consider a refrigerator drawer if you need extra refrigeration space in your kitchen. They aren’t big enough to serve as a primary refrigerator for most households because they’re intended to hold specialty items such as beverages. They cost significantly more per cubic foot (liter) than other refrigerators.
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