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Hot Mopping is essential

Hot Mopping is essential

The most overlooked detail when you are redesigning your bathroom is water proofing your shower. This is something that needs to be done correct the first time, the last thing that you are going to want to do is break apart all the new expensive tile because you have a leak or you need to go in and repair the wood rot. The only way to ensure that you never have to bother with this is to hot mop your shower pan, this is a specialized skill set and requires an expert, so don’t attempt to do this on your own, unless you are used to dealing with scorching hot tar that can melt your skin off if dropped on you. I for instance would rather leave that to a pro. The bathroom is one of the most looked at features of a home and if you are looking to sell a home this is something that you may want to remodel so that potential buyers are intrigued by it’s look and feel, but of course the functionality needs to be there too.

The other areas of the home that may require waterproofing may be your decks, patios and perhaps your roof all of which again I advise not to do yourself. I have had a few homes in the Los Angeles area which had become weathered and demanded some attention, so I went on Google and searched for “Hot Mop in Los Angeles” this is the best way to find at least 3-4 different contractors so that you can compare prices and read some reviews if there are any, I always reads the reviews, honestly if a company does not have any reviews I just go to the next listing until I find what I need. You can typically find some very good contractors on Google, they have their pictures of their work and again reviews.

The roof can be the most expensive thing to fix on your home and because it rarely rains in Los Angeles it can go neglected for years, but when you pay for one, you really pay! Again make sure that you waterproof this one too, cause even though it never rains in southern California on the event that it does, you don’t want to be caught with a leaky roof which can ruin your  wood and cause mold. I chose to get my roof hot mopped then had some standard shingles places on, the facia boards looked really good and the new roof although expensive it well worth the money and it will last us at least 15 years if not longer. A good roofer is also hard to find so ask around for references and go to Google to read reviews and always get at least 3 quotes, the prices will vary, most of the variances will be on what they charge you for labor, the wood and roofing materials are a fixed cost but like anything it will be the labor that will cost you.

When the contractor finishes the job, they often leave your house in a bit of a mess. Most contractors throw deep-cleaning into their services so you’ll need to do it yourself. Melamagic heavy duty cleaner from Melaleuca is a concentrated cleaner that is biodegradable and non-toxic; but it’s also very tough and effective and cleaning dirt, sticky stuff, and anything else a contracting job might leave behind. Melamagic and other safe and effective cleaning products are available at Melaleuca.com.

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