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Reasons to use Dishwasher

Reasons to use Dishwasher

Save Time and Effort
Washing dishes is a thankless task, so why not leave it to a dish washing machine, so that you can be more productive or enjoy some much-deserved time for yourself & your Friends/Family!
It only takes 9 minutes to load and unload 12 place settings in a dishwasher, while it takes 60 minutes to wash the same amount of dishes by hand.
This means that a family of 4 could save up to 4 hours each week simply by using a dishwasher!

Save Water
As well as saving time and effort, dishwashers can use less water than washing dishes by hand. That’s because the dishwasher recycles and filters small amounts of water.
Washing dishes at the sink has been proved to use on average more water per place-setting than washing dishes using a dishwashing machine.

Save Energy
Most dishwashers manufactured since 1994 use less water per cycle than the equivalent required to wash dishes by hand, because they recycle the water throughout the wash. Newer models heat only the amount of water they need – and being cold fill, the water is heated in the dishwasher itself, not in the household’s hot water tank or central heating system, where the heat gets lost in transit.

Save Money
It has been proved* that dishwashers use less water and energy than washing the same load by hand. With electricity prices rocketing in recent years, these savings can actually lower your electricity bills.

Better Hygiene
One of the reasons dishes come up cleaner in a dishwasher – also making it more hygienic – is that a dishwasher can use higher temperatures than your hands are able to cope with. Together with a strong dishwashing detergent like Finish, it’s the hygienic way to protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria that can build up on sponges, dish cloths and kitchen towels.

Sparkling Dishes
Effective detergents from Finish contain far more active ingredients than hand dishwashing liquid, ensuring food soils are broken down and washed away during the washing cycle to leave behind nothing but shine.
Thanks to rinse agents and latent heat on the dishes, tableware washed in the dishwasher come out with a wonderful shine and free from the spot marks and streaks you can see after washing dishes at the sink.
Finish is the only dishwashing brand to be tested and recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers. Use Finish detergents for an amazing shine and clean.

Soft Skin
If you want time on your hands instead of wrinkles, a dishwasher is for you! How many times have you chipped nails, cut yourself or noticed how rough your skin feels after washing dishes by hand, especially when you have very sensitive skin?
A dishwasher won’t complain, and will leave your hands to look good and do more useful things!

Fewer Domestic Arguments
major cause of disharmony in the home. Arguments happen when maids dont turn up. Its also happens on whether it’s ok to invest in a dishwasher. Anyone who has one will tell you that it is definitely ok!

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