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How to Maintain Your Freezer to Avoid Repair Costs

How to Maintain Your Freezer to Avoid Repair Costs

It’s easier to maintain your freezer than have to bring a repairman in to fix it. Perform these simple freezer maintenance activities laid out here to avoid freezer repair costs and maximize the efficiency of your freezer.

Clean the Condenser Coils

As dirt builds up on the coils, the condenser must work harder and harder to sustain the correct temperature, which means greater power bills and a reduced lifespan for your overtaxed freezer. To prevent these complications, clean the coils thoroughly every three months (every month when you have pets). Simply unplug your freezer, locate the coils on the back or bottom of the unit and vacuum them down.

Defrost It Regularly

Most contemporary freezers have a self-defrosting setting, enabling the unit to routinely thaw any frost. When you have a manual defrost freezer, you need to shut off the freezer occasionally to let it defrost normally. Sometimes very dense frost must be scraped off by hand instead of melted naturally.

Balance Its Position

Your freezer needs a balanced placement to prevent warping of the doors. If the freezer is unlevel it may make the doors shut at unusual angles, resulting in a weak seal and ultimately twisting the door’s standard shape. A hand level and wrench can be used to adjust the appliance’s legs. You will extend your freezer’s lifespan with a properly balanced position. Also, keep your freezer a reasonable distance away from the wall to prevent overheating.

Clean the Drain Opening and Pan

Even a self-defrosting freezer needs to have its drain opening cleaned periodically to properly eliminate the moisture collecting from its everyday defrost cycles. To do this, first unplug your freezer. Next, find your freezer’s drain opening, and remove any mineral deposits or crud which might be clogging it. Beneath most freezers is a pan that accumulates condensation running off the cooling coils. Although most of this water ought to naturally evaporate, it is wise to clear the pan occasionally. Take off the freezer’s front grille and slide out the pan, dispose of the water and carefully wipe the pan off. Make sure to use a disinfectant spray to kill germs. Based on online Melaleuca reviews, Sol-U-Guard Botanical is a good all-natural option with no toxic ingredients. This type of regular cleaning will keep mold spores from growing on the pan and contaminating the air around your freezer.

Examine the Seal

A strong door seal allows your freezer to keep a steady temperature without too much effort. Examine the rubber gasket on the door for any splits or deterioration that may keep it from sealing properly. If you can shut a piece of paper in the door and easily pull it out, the gasket probably needs replacement. If the gasket remains strong, simply wipe it off occasionally to get rid of any dust or gunk.

Even when following these easy tips for freezer maintenance, issues may arise that require the assistance of a professional repair service. Lake Country Home Services provides fast and affordable advice and repairs for freezer owners in the Milwaukee area on those occasions when repairs are essential.

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