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Glitzi uses technology to bring beauty direct to you!

Glitzi uses technology to bring beauty direct to you!

Glitzi is more than a spa in Mexico City that provides some of the best beauty services in the city. They are mobile beauticians that use technology to interact and meet their customers.  At Glitzi, you can get the best nail jobs and hairstyles from their mobile professionals that come direct to you. Glitzi also offers well-trained makeup artists that can transform your face into that of a goddess!

There are also other services, all of which includes skin, cosmetic, hair, nails, and face. At Glitzi you can enjoy;

Modern equipment  

One thing you will definitely enjoy at Glitzy, are the modern equipment available to meet your needs. When it comes to body and beauty, new equipment comes out almost every day to make the process easier. Once upon a time, ladies had to sit in salons and wait until their nails were dry before leaving. But now nail technology is made available to ensure your nails dry fast enough so you can leave the salon on time. Glitzi has all the necessary equipment to make your hair, nails, and makeup appointment go very smoothly.

Reliable operation time

Do you need to get your hair and nails done for a wedding? Is there a graduation you need to attend?  Do you have a presentation coming up? Or are you going a date to that very fancy restaurant? Whatever the occasion is, Glitzi is available to attend to you every day of the week. The operation hours are reliable and reasonable. It is also flexible enough to make time for you as long as you book an appointment in time.

Quality product

You can be certain that at Glitzi, no fake or substandard product will be used for your treatment. Fake products can be harmful to your hair, nails, or skin. At Glitzi, customer’s health is very important; hence, only quality products are used. This will produce a much better end result than you expect.

Mobile beauticians

The best thing about Glitzi are its mobile beauticians. You don’t always have to stop by the salon to get your hair, nails, or makeup done. If your schedule is too tight for you to make it to the salon, you can request the mobile beautician services. This service allows you to remain in the comfort of your home while the beauticians make the trip to tend to you. And it doesn’t just have to be your home. It could be at your office, at your friend’s house, a hotel or wherever you are at the time you need the services.

Polite staff

Glitzi staffs are well trained and polite. The staff’s main goal to ensure that each customer or client is pleased with the service rendered. So if you have questions, you can ask knowing that they will be answered patiently and carefully. Also, you can freely share the kind of makeup look you want, the nail design you desire and the hairstyle you’d like with the staff.

For more information on Glitzi, visit www.glitzi.com.mx today!

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