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The best robot vacuums

Robot vacuums. We’ve all seen them, but very few of us have used them. Yet, as we enter 2021, the idea of owning a robot vacuum is becoming more and more cost permissive for the average consumer. When these Jetson-type contraptions first emerged in the 2000s, the price tag was well over a thousand bucks. Since then, the price has dropped significantly, and today you can easily buy a robot vacuum for a few hundred bucks. And while spending a few hundred dollars may seem like a lot, consider the fact that there are many stand-up, push-style vacuums that are selling for the same price.

A common misconception

One of the misconceptions folks have about robot vacuums is that they don’t have enough suction. Contrary to this gross misconception, robot vacuums have a tremendous suction. And not only do they have tremendous suction to do a thorough job, they actually do a thorough job. Because a robot vacuums, on average, are less than 3 inches thick, which means they can vacuum under furniture without you needing to move the furniture.

In addition to having great suction, robot vacuums also have great battery life. Almost every robot vacuum (at least the ones worth their salt) have a battery lifespan of at least one hour. When was the last time you spend an entire hour vacuuming your home?

The time is now

So, if you’re a late-adopter of technology, the time has never been better for you to get into this technology! To help with your research, check out this great article in the New York Times. The article gives an awesome summary and well-informed recommendations.

Stay clean and stay healthy.

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