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What trivia can Alexa play?

In a world of lockdowns, shutdowns, and quarantines, people are looking for ways to stay entertained. And what better way to pass the time while cleaning the kitchen for the hundredth time than with a little entertainment, including playing games. And though most games require you to compete against other players, many games are designed with the solitary, introvert in mind. Hence the name of the card game Solitaire. Of course, there are many others, but probably the most popular game for the single, solitary player to pursue is trivia. With that in mind, today’s blog post seeks to answer a reader’s question which is: What trivia can Alexa play?

Alexa offers so much! It’s not just an informative device to tell you the weather. Engage Alexa with some of these Five fun trivia games!



Yes, this timeless trivia game show is available on Alexa for a few bucks a month. Just remember, though, you have to give your answer in the form of a question. 😉

Trivia Hero

This trivia game is pretty fun because you’re not only competing to get the right answer, but you’re racing against the clock. You need to answer as many questions as you can within 60 seconds.

National Geographic Geo Quiz

For those of you who don’t care about pop culture, but do an excellent job with geography and science-based trivia, National Geographic Geo Quiz is a great solution!

Song Quiz

This is a fun trivia game because you can get entertained while playing the trivia game. Choose any decade of music and then guess the tunes that play from that decade. So fun!

Question of the Day

If you’re looking for a trivia experience that’s more short and sweet, then consider adding Question of the Day to your routine.


There are many who say that technology rots the brain. And though this may be true if you allow yourself to be mindlessly dragged along with addictive tech behavior, there are ways to use technology to BOOST the brain. Trivia games are a great start!

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