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Why Companies Must Embrace Technology

Why Companies Must Embrace Technology

Technological advances are happening faster now than ever before in the history of the world. Companies that want to succeed in the 21st century must embrace the fast-changing world of technology. If they don’t, they will get passed up by competitors that do. All over the world, companies are skyrocketing because they know the value of embracing technology.

One of the technologies that companies must learn to use effectively is social media. The best companies have a vibrant presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Word-of-mouth referrals are a boon to businesses because consumers love to share everything they do, watch, use, and buy with their friends. People are much more likely to try a product that their friends recommend than they will a product that they see advertised somewhere. That’s why word-of-mouth companies like Melaleuca.com are experiencing record growth. And because it is a company that puts a premium on technology, current employees and customers are quick to post positive Melaleuca reviews online.

Here’s another reason technology-loving are doing so well: They have the ability to retain top talent. Technology not only allows companies to track important data, it also creates an environment where the brightest minds feel comfortable and valuable. Construction companies especially are embracing technology to attract and keep the smartest, most talented architects and designers.

Customer demands are evolving rapidly, and in order to keep up with the current trends, companies need to quickly know where the market is shifting. The best way to do that is to use technology to compile research and data in a fraction of the time. Here are just a few examples of technology trends that are dominating the marketplace right now:

• 3D printing. The popularity of 3D printing took off in 2015 and 2016. There are stories of companies who have ignored 3D printing to their downfall. 3D manufacturing is estimated to turn into a $14 billion industry in the next four years.

• Driverless cars. More and more automobile manufacturers are working on autonomous vehicles because they know drivers, especially in high-density urban areas, would rather be passengers. The safety record of driverless vehicles is much more impressive than the record of human-controlled vehicles.

• Drones. Amazon has already begun testing packages delivered via drones, and the day is not far off when anything, from mail to pizza, can easily be delivered to your doorstep via drones. Drones are changing the way people film and photograph the world. There small size and maneuverability have resulted in images never before seen.

Even small businesses like traditional, family-owned shoe-repair shops and bakeries are seeing the value of technology, from online payments to reservations. The world is changing fast, and it’s up to companies to keep up.

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