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How to Get Rid of Gross Fridge Smells

How to Get Rid of Gross Fridge Smells

Have you ever gone to get something out of your fridge and been hit with a rancid odor the second you open the door? It’s disgusting, right? While there are plenty of reasons your fridge could come to smell so bad, there are also plenty of ways to rid yourself of those gross fridge smells, too.


Getting Rid of Gross Fridge Smells

Get The Food Out

Most times, bad fridge smells are caused by food items left in your fridge that either go bad or come with their own unique scent — we’re looking at you, Swiss cheese. Take everything out of your fridge, keeping what is still good and throwing out anything that’s close to expiration. More than likely, you’ll find the source of the bad odors this way.

Clean Everything

Once you have an empty fridge, use natural cleaning products to get rid of bacteria and any other grime that could be on the shelves or in the drawers. We suggest using natural cleaning products because it’s very iffy to use chemicals around places you store your food.

Use Odor Removers

After you all your food back in the fridge, please a box or two of baking soda or other odor removing product in your fridge to help guard against future smells. Also aim to make all food visible, that way you can sooner see if something is going bad.

Take Care of Leftovers

When adding leftovers to your fridge, make sure to use airtight containers to prevent odors for spreading. Beyond that, label all the leftovers so you get rid of any food that doesn’t get eaten after a week.

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