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Maintaining Global Consistency for Your Exhibit Program

Maintaining Global Consistency for Your Exhibit Program

The global look and feel premise is simple – implementing it is a different story. A successful program balances global branding considerations with the needs/requirements of your in-country teams.
So how do you develop a program with the right balance? Here’s a multi-faceted approach to the process that includes both strategic and tactical considerations.

Conduct a needs assessment with all global stakeholders. Taking this measured first step will help drive the overall exhibit plan while keeping your stakeholders’ interests in mind. You can look forward to company-wide support based on this strategic approach.

Build a budget based on both the strategic and logistical needs. Identifying your needs up front will ensure that you have the right budget resources in place to build a program that properly reflects your company’s brand identity and meets your strategic marketing goals. Then, develop a budget that is a true reflection of operational costs globally so there are no surprises. Enlist outside help if you haven’t managed projects in all geographical areas – cost categories can vary dramatically and your home country budget rules often don’t apply.

Determine what exhibit components you need. Understanding and executing tactical planning such as determining the components of your exhibit will help you create an efficient plan with your selected suppliers worldwide.

Decide how to source the properties you need: Review what options are available from build and ship to build and burn as well as rental and hybrid options by examining the variety of processes available around the world.

Procure what you need on a continent-by-continent basis. Ordering exhibit services differs from continent to continent. Consult with show organizers and your in-country colleagues to understand these differences and source what you need at the best price. Take advantage of turnkey solutions outside of North America that can control costs and save you money.

Engage the global stakeholders to leverage in-country resources along the way: You have company-wide support because you involved stakeholders in the first stages of planning. Now you will need their help to implement your program. Ask them questions to determine best practices in each country where you exhibit and employ their influence to secure the best in-country resources.

Once you’ve established a branding plan and created a budget then lead the implementation without deviating from the strategy. Being both structured and resourceful in your approach can help to create and maintain efficiencies and keep your solution on target.

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